Recent Activities

These are some of the things that I am currently doing, either through OntarioTECK or contracting through agencies for the Government of Canada. I am also taking some courses plus continue working with the addict community at New Connections Ministries and Salvation Army - Anchorage Treatment Center (and keeping married!)

Activities Date Started

OntarioTECK - Kompras Website

The Kompras website (Kmpras) was born, on day I was talking to my son Felipe -he is only 9 but, very bright for his age (just like his brother Kevin). We decided, that we needed to come up with some sort of electronic list that could help us remember what we need at home -groceries speaking. So, we decided to brainstorm and came up with a model -we liked it, and so here I am working with my son to build this website -Kmpras. Well, you know who is doing all the work right? yes, me!

Shared Services Canada - SiSystems

Working at Share Services Canada (SSC) as a Senior Business Analyst and Developer, for the Project Management Center of Excellence, developing an application using Microsoft PowerApps and Flow with a cloud Azure SQL Server database. Designing and creating the database model have been my first task. Define the tables’ structure, relationships, constraints, views and metadata (data) that would be stored in the database. Design a PowerApps prototype to determine the flow and data manipulation – review the different APIs available (I am new using this platform).

So far, so good!

Efata Ministries - Lima/Peru

Efata Dulanto Callao is located in Lima, Peru. Callao is considered the first port in Peru. It is that from the viceregal era until today, products are exported and imported to all parts of the planet. Even in the Spanish colony it was the main port of the entire western Pacific coast.

Efata Baptist Church focuses it's work in their community as well as their deaf community. Callao has one of the highest crime rates; it is infested in gangs, drugs and prostitution. There is a great need of help in the community. Efata is committed in bringing the good news of the Gospel to the neighbores.

My family and I have been involved in their ministry for the past 18 years. I am currently developing their website application